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JFK Athletics

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JFK ACTIVITIES: District #99 offers Girls’/Boys/ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball, Girls’/Boys’ Track, Scholastic Bowl, Science Fair, Speech Contest, Spelling Bee, Intramurals, Musicals, Swing Choir, Jazz Band,

Special Olympics, Cheerleading, Young Authors, and Student Council.



  1. Kindergarten through 5th Grade students who attend the games must come with an adult and must sit with that person.

  2. All fans are to exhibit good sportsmanship, which includes the following:  No throwing of objects onto the floor.  No yelling at coaches, referees, or players at any time.  Kicking and stomping on the bleachers is not allowed.

  3. Water is the only beverage allowed in the gymnasium.

  4. No one is allowed to leave the gym until a timeout, at the end of a quarter or half, or between games.

  5. Once a student leaves the building without permission, they will not be allowed back in.

  6. If a student or adult is asked to leave the gym because of improper behavior, they will not be allowed to attend any more games for the year.  Dismissal from the premises for misbehavior may occur immediately, without a warning being given.

  7. No one will be allowed into the gym until 15 minutes prior to game time.

  8. Only players, coaches and referees are to be on the gym floor.  No students or spectators are allowed on the floor at any time during a game.

  9. At no time are you to walk in front of the athlete’s benches during game play time.

  10. Junior High will sit in the designated student section in the bleachers for 6th, 7th and 8thgrade fans.

  11. Everyone is to wear green and cheer as hard as they can for the JFK Wildcats!


ATHLETIC INSURANCE: Any student who is participating in athletics must take out school insurance or have on file a letter indicating that he/she is covered by family insurance.  

This letter must be signed by the proper guardian, and be on file before the student may participate.




Cheer, cheer for the Wildcat team

They are out there shining with glee

We will win this game tonight

‘Cause all of our players do all right

They never stagger, they never fall

Our Wildcats out there will fight for the ball

So, let’s give them one big cheer

And cheer them along the way




Spring Valley Wildcats

Rah, rah, rah


                        CO-CURRICULAR CODE OF CONDUCT:All students who participate in District activities acknowledge and accept the following Code of Conduct. This code does not contain a complete list of inappropriate behaviors.

                               Violations will be treated cumulatively, with penalties increasing with subsequent behaviors. Students may be excluded while the school conducts an investigation. 


                        SECTION 1 – REQUIREMENTS: 

  1. IESA eligibility and requirements will be followed for all extracurricular activities.
  2. Students MUST have a current physical on file, prior to participating in tryouts.
  3. All participants are to have turned in to coach/sponsor prior to the first practice: Insurance, waiver/acceptance signed, Handbook permission slip signed, Paid activity fee of $75 for sports and/or $25 for clubs (maximum of $100/year)
  4. No pass no play policy.  Grades will be checked weekly by sponsors/coaches on Monday to determine eligibility.  If a student has an ‘F’ or below a 1.75 G.P.A. they will be suspended from all activities and their grades will be checked weekly.   Suspension due to eligibility will take place the following Monday thru Sunday. Following the weekly check, they will be able to participate once the students G.P.A. is 1.75 or higher.  A student who has accumulated three weeks of ineligibility during the season will be dismissed from the team. A student will be suspended from all extra-curricular activities after a third major for the remainder of the school year.  A student suspended from participation, is not allowed to attend any extracurricular event.
  5. Observe all school rules.  Demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times.  A student may be dismissed from the squad by the principal is the student commits a serious violation of school policy.  No participation on team until detention is served.            Re-teaching and detentions take precedence over all practices and events.  ISS or OSS may result in suspension or removal from team as per coach and administration decision.  2 minors= no participation for 1-week   The following apply for any Level 1 major: 1 major = no participation for 4 calendar weeks for any extra-curricular activities/teams. 2 majors = dismissal from team. 3 majors = dismissal for the year from all extra-curricular activities/teams. Any Level 2 major will result in automatic dismissal from extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the year. 
  6. Possessing or using steroids, HGH, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will result in automatic dismissal.
  7. Athletic uniforms will be provided by the school with the exception of clubs.  Students are to purchase for basketball, volleyball, and track:  shoes (only worn in gym for practice and games), socks, and gym bag.  Additional purchases in track are: sweat pants, sweat shirt, and track shirt.  Cheerleaders are to purchase spirit gear, bloomers, and any other gear voted on by squad.  Uniforms will be collected following the season.  Any damage to the uniform may require the student to pay for the uniform to be replaced.

                         SECTION 2—RULES 

  1. Participants must attend all practice/games and be on time unless excused prior to the activity by the coach/sponsor (The parent must contact the coach/sponsor). Students must be in attendance for at least ½ of a day in order to attend                 practice unless approved by the principal. 1 unexcused = warning   2 unexcused = no participation for one week 3 unexcused (or 1 unexcused game/event) = dismissal from squad         
  2. Be polite and respectful.  Participants must sit together at games/events and watch.  Students may get out of their seat only at half time for basketball or between periods in volleyball.  Friends that are not team members may not sit by team.                 Act appropriately at events with no booing, fighting, and profanity.
  3. Dress appropriately for practice wearing the requirements of their sport.
  4. Players will ride the bus to the games/matches.  On the way home students are to ride the bus home unless the coach receives a written parent note. School handbook bus rules and expectations apply.  1st bus infraction = 5:15 detention   2nd bus infractions = 1 game suspension   3rd bus infractions = dismissed from squad
  5. A technical will result in immediate benching.
  6. Any fighting, taunting, disrespect, foul language, inappropriate gestures, or arguing with anyone will result in dismissal from team.
  7. Any infraction among the Major Violations on page 12 may result in dismissal from the team.
  8. All school property and equipment must be treated with respect and any damage will be reimbursed by the perpetrator.
  9. All of the coaches/sponsors directives will be followed at all times.
  10. I.E.S.A. rules do not allow any type of jewelry or glitter during games (piercings, necklaces, rings, etc.)
  11. Participants are expected to dress up and following coach/sponsor/handbook requirements for all game/event days.
  12. No jeans.  Dress shirts or sweaters should be worn.  Dress should represent J.F.K. in a positive and respectful manner.
  13. Volleyball, basketball, and track members are to wear their hair in a way that is not unusual or would affect their vision.
  14. Co-curricular activities are a privilege, and not a right.  If a student wants to participate all rules and guidelines must be followed.  

        Remember that at all times you are representing our school so your behavior, dress, and actions should reflect positively on J.F.K.



                            Student athletes must comply with Illinois’ Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act and all protocols, policies and bylaws of the Illinois Elementary School Association

                            before being allowed to participate in any athletic activity, including practice or competition.  A student who was removed from practice or competition     

                            because of a suspected concussion shall be allowed to return only after all statutory prerequisites are completed, including without limitation, the School District’s

                            return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols. Concussion information:  http://www.iesa.org/documents/general/IESA-ConcussionInfo.pdf  PARENTS MUST VIEW

                            THE CONCUSSION VIDEO found on the IESA site and will be required to sign off on viewing before your child can practice or play.  Form is available at registration

                            or from the school nurse.


JFK Champions

1978 8AA Boys Sectional Champions & State Finals        1984 8AA Boys Sectional Champions & State Finals

1983-84 8th Basketball SRC Champions                 1990-91 8th Basketball SRC Champions 

1990-91 8th Volleyball SRC Champions                  1992-93 8th Volleyball SRC Champions

1993-94 7th Volleyball SRC Champions                  1997-98 7th Girls Basketball SRC Champions

1997-98 8 Boys Basketball SRC Champions           1999-00 7th Boys Basketball SRC Champions

2002 7A Boys Track Sectional Champions                2002 8A Girls Track Sectional Champions

2007 7A Girls Track Sectional Champions                2008 8A Girls Track Sectional Champions

2010 8A Girls Track Sectional Champions                2010 8A Boys Track Sectional Champions

2012 7A Girls Track Sectional Champions                2017-18 7th Girls Basketball SRC Champions

2019 7A Boys Track Sectional Champions                                  



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