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Kennedy Addition Update

Current Update: On February 16, 2012 Governor Pat Quinn announced that Spring Valley District #99 has received $12.23 million for construction of the new Kennedy School addition.  

New Building "Q and A":

"So do you really have the money?" Yes it is money which was allocated to create jobs. We will see all of the money and on time. The State is covering 75% of the costs for the new building.    

"How much will the building cost?" We have bonded for our $5 million portion three years ago. The State's portion of $12.23 million combined with our $5 million will give us a great addition and also renovations to the existing Kennedy facility. 

"Will the existing Kennedy School be renovated?" Yes. SV99 was awarded a matching grant for a total of $500,000 to replace all windows, doors, blinds and create vestibules near the 2 front south doors. We also received another matching grant for $100,000. Projects covered by the $100K grant are: 1. New floor tile in main hallways 2. New restroom fixtures 3. A new intercom 4. New Door handles and locks. The remaining portion of our $5 million will go towards renovations. Possible Kennedy updates (Not in any specific order except AC is #1): 1. Air-condition 2. Front sidewalks 3. Blacktop 4. Kitchen updates 5. White Boards   

"I live in the Valley and my taxes will probably go up to pay for this?" Actually the homeowners will see a slight drop in the SV99 portion of their tax bill due to Wal Mart and other smaller business' coming off their tax exempt status. Taxpayers have already began paying the $5 million in bonds off 4 years ago. 

"What will become of Lincoln?" We have several area business people contact us and express interest. Lincoln has been well taken care of over the years and is in great condition. We look to sell Lincoln during the upcoming school year.   

"How long until we are in the new building?" Barring any unforeseen problems we look to be open for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.




Past News:

During the 2008-2009 school year, Spring Valley District 99 Board of Education, following the recommendation of the Facilities Planning Committee, invested in $5.1 million dollars of Working Cash Bonds. These Bonds in conjunction with the recent passing of the Capital Development Bill will enable future growth at the Kennedy site.

Further decline of Lincoln School and a growing enrollment aided in the decision.  

Governor Quinn recently signed the Capital Development Bill which a portion of it provides $1.4 billion in funding for school construction. The 22 schools on the 2002 list automatically receive $123 million in funding for past projects. District 99 is on the 2003 list. The grant will allow our project to be 75% funded by the state. 

While having our local share of $5.1 in funds this allows, in combination with the Capital Development grant, for District #99 to build close to a $16 million addition to Kennedy. 

District 99 is now beginning the exciting process of designing an addition to Kennedy School. We will be working with our District Architect Bill VanDusen of Allied Design Consultants out of Springfield. 

Our design team has completed all of their school tours and will now focus on analyzing architectural drawings of the Kennedy addition. Design Committee representative have visited Ladd Peru Parkside, Dunlop Valley, Rochelle H.S., Plainfield, Cuba & Germantown Hills.      

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mr. Hermes at 664-4242. Keep checking this page for up-to-date information on this exciting project.  

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